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This site is dedicated to the expansion of the commonly available information about the Killgore surname and those who bear it. It is about family history. It is also about having a place where the disconnected pieces of the Killgore family tree(s) can be assembled. Whether your surname is Killgore or it is one of your family lines we hope to make this a valuable resource.

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Surname Etymology
    (et-y-mol-o-gy  /etəmäləjē/ - Noun,
    The origin of a word and the historical
    development of its meaning.)

The various spellings, Kilgour, Kilgoure, Kilgor, Killgowr, Killgour, Killgoure, Killgoar, Killgore and Kilgore, etc. are of Gaelic origin.

The original word was formed from the two words,
    "cyl" (Roman spelling - same pronunciation)
    "ghobhar" (easy on the "b"). 
  • "Cyl" means place. (Some would argue that the Irish-Gaelic word "cill" is church or church-yard, but "cyl" is of Scottish origin and appears to indicate a broader meaning. Perhaps in the distant times of word evolution the central meeting place, "cyl", became the standard place to meet, "cill", the church.)
  • "Ghobhar" means "having to do with goats".

Thus the shortened translation is "goat place" or "the place where the goats are kept."

Another detail which escapes us is that the double-L variant is a spelling unique to Northern Ireland, while the original single-L comes directly from Scotland.

In North America and elsewhere this distinction is further blurred by two factors. 
  • The first is the fact that in times past it was considered a sign of intelligence to be able to spell one's name in multiple ways.
  • The second is that most immigrants to the various British colonies around the world were not always literate. They relied on someone else to spell their names for them on official documents.

Be that as it may, we are forced to face the fact that our ancestors were likely goatherds from Fifeshire, Scotland, U.K., and we, their descendants, have since bounced around this planet wherever the winds of Providence and fortune might send us. The consolation is that the information age allows us to create virtual meeting places to share stories and piece together a heritage. May this become such a place.
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